Welcome to East Village

A warm and lighted welcome to our East Village site. As we continue on this new journey together we want to invite you to come back and check out our new posts.

We are here to bring you the East Village’s best artwork and inspiration. We welcome new content from not only local artists but artists worldwide.

Art comes in many shapes and forms just like us worldlings.

Being brilliantly creative is something the world and the universe continue to do day in and day out. We want to take a lesson from our surroundings and use our energy and our creativity to continue to awe and inspire the humans around us.

Art stimulates us subconsciously and can be a source of motivation that propels us to do amazing things.

From visual, literary, to performing, we use art as a way to express how we feel inside.

Some people find they don’t know how to communicate their inner feelings vocally and they take to painting or dance as a way to get relieve this necessary part of life.



Drawing is a way using different types of tools from pens to markers or pencil to create an image on a flat surface. A skill for drawing can be used in animation, illustration and making comics. Here to our left, we see drawing being utilized in an architectural design.



Painting is a very broad spectrum of visual art. From applying paint on paper to creating collages out of different types of material to create texture, you can take painting the level you desire. Depending on your culture and your personal beliefs, different colors that you paint with can relate to different meanings. You can use your skills to decorate pottery, create murals, or even paint on faces.



Ceramics can very from being an awesome decoration to a tool you can use in you home. If your anything like me and you like hot tea and coffee, a rad ceramic mug is a super cool art form to drink from. Obviously, ceramics are made from ceramic materials such as clay and utilizing heat to harden the object when you have formed the shape you reached. I,myself was recently in an art gallery where I got the joy to observe the work of a great sculpturer and his dedication and the detail he put into his unique human imaging was incredible and inspiring.



All you need is a camera and perspective and the images you can capture can be as hella cool as you make them. Some people use photography in many different ways. You can apply the way you capture an image as an art form to many different vocations the world has to offer.Everyone has their own unique way they view the world. As they take that and transfer it into a piece of art, we all can learn something important as we look at the story they tell through their lense. Everyone has a unique gift to share, no matter what art form it takes, it is an equally inspiring spectrum of talent.